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digital migration

- Are you interacting with customers in their preferred channel?

- Are you exploiting data and analytics to personalize the experience and increase results?

Are you leveraging all customer touch points for growth & loyalty? 

customer relationship mgt

​- Are you capturing and honoring customer preferences?

- Are you leveraging CRM tool's to personalize all communications?

inbound customer mail

​- Is incoming customer mail viewable by CSR's the morning of receipt?

- Are barcodes being utilized to minimize errors, NIGO's, keying & indexing?

"The findings from the Cusperience CCM assessment were invaluable in helping us prioritize and execute customer communication strategies to drive improvements in our NPS scores."

      Chief Marketing Officer

      Insurance & FS Company

If you answered no to some or all of these questions...

you may benefit from a customer communications management assessment

contact center

- Do you know what % of your calls are caused by your communications & processes?

- Are you satisfied with first contact resolution rates and avg handle times?

- Is all correspondence easily generated and archived? 

Most Financial Services and Healthcare companies miss opportunities to grow revenue and loyalty through their customer communications. These communications are often viewed as requlatory obligations versus marketing opportunities. Our Customer Communications Assessment evaluates four competencies required to achieve benchmark status in communicating with your customers. 
1. Does your company consistently provide a personalized and effortless experience with outgoing and incoming customer communication touch points? 
2. Are outbound customer communication operations (“print & digital manufacturing” ) best in class in terms of compliance and operational efficiencies? 
3. Are inbound customer communication systems and processes (image & data capture) optimized to enable an effortless customer experience? 
4. Are your organizational structures and governance processes optimized to enable the delivery of state of the art multi-channel customer communications?  

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outbound customer communications

- Are you optimizing these high volumes opportunities to educate and build loyalty?

- Are your processes & costs benchmark?

​- Have you quantified your various touch points?