Customer relationship Management

- Is your CRM system a "sales enabler"?

- Are your sales leaders role modeling CRM system utilization?

- Are your sales metrics accurate and reliable predictors of future business (hit rate, forecast accuracy, cycle time, etc.)?

- Is your sales pipeline a true reflection of future opportunity - not inflated with prospects on "hope island"?

- ​Are you exploiting data and analytics to target your marketing & sales efforts?

- Are you capturing and honoring customer preferences?

The key to profitable growth starts and ends with your cuStomers

Customer Loyalty

​- Do you know how many customers & profits you lose annually from defections and non renewals?

- Are you measuring and rewarding customer loyalty?

​- Do you know which customers are recommending and promoting you?

- Do you know which customers are not?

​- Are your surveys asking less than 4 questions?

- Are you gathering and acting on all customer feedback?

- Are your customers engaged in your product development and innovation efforts?

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sales execution

- Are you achieving your growth ambitions?

- Are your sales cycle timelines acceptable?
- Are you routinely quantifying the value your client will receive from your product or service?

- Do your sales processes and proposals reflect client discovery and intimacy (more about them than you)?

- Are your margins acceptable and sustainable (not eroded by "new news" and post sale scope creep)?

- Are your sales leaders effectively coaching and elevating sales team performance?

Customer communications

- Are you communicating with your customers in their preferred channel (mail, e-mail, mobile)?

- Are all communications personalized and relevant?

- Do you know what % of your contact center calls are caused by your communications, Apps & processes?

- Is incoming customer correspondence viewable by CSR's within 4 hours of receipt?

- Can your customers access all historical communications (between you and them) through your web site?